• Decorated Cakes

    At Gus's Goodies, we share your quest for perfection. Let us help make your wedding a dream come true. With a variety of styles, colorings and flavorings, we can create a cake perfect for your occasion.

Decorated Cakes

We have been decorating special occasion cakes since 1935, so we have plenty of experience.  
We try hard to please our customers.  Our bakers and decorators are proud of what they put out
and they are experienced and creative.   Call 304-748-2870 to order—NO ORDERS THROUGH EMAIL PLEASE—

~Gus Monezis, Owner

Possible Occasions For Celebration
 Birthday   Anniversary   Bachelor Party 
 Christening   Baptism   Divorce Is Final 
 Bridal Shower   Baby Shower   We'll Miss You 
 Christmas   Easter   Valentine's Day 
 Congratulations   Graduation   Any day!