Gus’s Goodies

Established 1935

What We Offer

At Gus’s Goodies, we share your quest for perfection. Let us help make your pastry dreams come true. With a variety of styles, coloring and flavorings, we can create anything that is perfect for your occasion

Happy Customers

“Best homemade donuts around! Take them over dunkin any old day. Had a free sample of a sort of lemon cake which was incredible moist and soft like you’d never find elsewhere in a cake. Pricey, but definitely worth it.”
- E Ternus

” I did not get a chance to go inside, I sent my husband in because there are five of us and they were allowing three customers in at a time. He came out with some of the best cookies I’ve had in my life. My kids loved the stuffed chocolate chip cookies and I thought the lemon and orange iced cookies were to die for. We think that they were definitely worth the 45 minute drive!”
- Kelly M

“You can never go wrong with getting anything at Gus’s Goodies! My ultimate favorite thing is the monster cookie. You get a rich, soft chocolate chip cookie filled with the best dang icing you can get anywhere! Ahhhhh Heaven”
- Morina Vampile